Why meditate anyway?1 min read

Most of us want to learn to meditate because we are looking for greater wellbeing in our lives and a reduction in stress.

However the central role of meditation from ancient times was to expand awareness.

Every meditation technique is based on improving awareness.

As you may or may not know there are many different types of techniques available, each of them having the same purpose. To expand awareness.

The technique that I teach is one of the easiest entry points to meditation as it delivers you an effortless method that allows you to gain deep rest and recovery while improving your self awareness.

So you may be asking, why is self awareness so important?

Because without it, we are unable to monitor our needs, our capabilities, our discomforts, and our joys.

It’s the way we are able to maintain balance in our lives.

Without awareness we’re unable to recognize when we’re in overload or when we’re not fully living into our capacity.

Awareness enables us to understand what we need in order to thrive as a human being through connection, growth, and belonging.

Not only to ourselves, but to others.

When we are in stress mode, life is seen as binary.

Black or white.

A or B.

We miss the shades of gray in between. We miss the infinite possibilities that exist when we are aware.

If you are a regular meditator, this is something you are already experiencing. Keep it up!

If you are seeking to become one, and want to learn, meditation is a skill you can easily learn.

With gratitude,


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