Why It Took Me So Long to Start Meditating4 min read

I really loved the idea of meditation when I first heard about it.

I mean, there are so many benefits associated with it: lowered stress, increased focus, improved sense of well-being…the list goes on and on.

So of course I wanted to experience all these things!

But when I first started trying to meditate over 12 years ago, I just couldn’t get into a regular habit of doing it.

Looking back now, there were two reasons why it was so hard for me:

  1. I was physically uncomfortable sitting “cross-legged” for a long period of time because I had very tight hamstrings!
  2. I simply could not “empty my mind.” As soon as I sat on the cushion, my mind and thoughts seemed to be all over the place!

In the end, I ended up not enjoying it very much.

So I would stop. This was the pattern.

But then a couple of years ago I had the fortune of attending a talk that Light Watkins was giving that became the turning point for me.

He shared that you do not have to sit in Lotus position. In fact, in order to really settle into your practice, comfort is key!

AND, get this…It’s okay for your mind to be “all over the place” when you meditate!

My mind was blown.

How could this be?

So I tried again. And this time the meditation habit stuck.

And over time, I was slowly but surely starting to see my life shift in powerful ways. I was less reactive. More grateful. Other health habits that I had struggled for years to create began to stick.  I became a more positive and happier person.

It changed my life so much in fact that I decided to devote myself to really studying this method deeply, getting certified as a teacher,  and to share what I learned with as many people as possible.

Is my meditation practice perfect?

No, I’m actually proud to say it’s not! Because when I embrace this understanding, I can have compassion for myself when it’s not as gratifying as I might hope for. And ironically, this is what can allow me to relax into a consistent practice.

Yes, I am one of those people who thinks that if every person in the world were to incorporate a daily meditation practice into their lives, the world would be a much better place. 🙂

If you’ve thought about how to get a daily meditation practice going, I’d love to share more about it with you.

Talk Soon,

Dr. Janice Powis

By the way, just in case no one has told you it yet today: I love and appreciate you for who you are 💗
Questions, Frequently Asked

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A list of frequently asked questions about meditation and the 1 Giant Mind meditation technique.


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