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Some are afraid to invite this in. To allow themselves to do it.

Because we live in a society where stress and busy-ness are seen as badges of honor.

And accomplishing, growing, achieving….well, frankly it feels so good.

AND coming from our soul’s expression, it is good for us. We are wired to grow, to learn, and to expand.

But there is a time for everything. And that includes rest.

Because we can’t make big things happen or love fully when we are in constant fight/flight/freeze mode.

There was a time when I was terrified to rest. I thought that it would make me lose my edge in my work and my business.

And yes, hustling my ass off did help me achieve a lot. BUT. The truth of the matter is that it only got me so far and WAS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

All the hustle wreaked havoc on my health in all the ways: I was 30 pounds overweight because I was using food and drinks for comfort. Because of this I was pre-diabetic, had aching knees, and was perpetually exhausted. I’d lost connection to the people most important to me because I prioritized achievement.

Everything looked amazing on the outside, but truthfully I was on the brink of burnout.

My body was sending all the signs. The breakdown of my body and the anxiety were sounding off alarms loud and clear: I needed rest.

And rest is what saved me.

Each time I took time to rest or meditate, all the dirt in the tumultuous waters began to settle down, so to speak.

And things began to get clearer, bit by bit.

And the clearest message I got was this:

Fewer things, but better.

Long story short, I’m uncovering who I’ve been all along. Honoring what’s truly important to me: my family/relationships, community, my spiritual practice,  and doing work that makes me feel alive.

I have less. Intentionally. Only The Essential. And it feels so free.

What do you hear when you are still?




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