These days I lose followers…2 min read

These days, when I post on Facebook, I lose followers.

I imagine it’s because the kind of ideas I’m sharing lately don’t match what those particular people wanted and expected from me.

Most people think of me as an audiologist, who worked in private practice, who likes to travel, who likes to cook. Who has shared about her experience with her mother’s death and her husband’s health.

And now most recently, as someone who teaches meditation.

All of that is true…but it’s only a fraction of the real story.

I don’t do what I do because I think that meditation (or even rest and health, for that matter!) are the most important things in the universe.

I only care about your self-care practices OR whether you are taking time to rest OR whether you have a meditation practice to calm your stress OR whether you are truly living authentically and fully OR managing your mind drama because:

These are opportunities to open your mind so that your human experience includes more connection (to yourself and others), growth, belonging, peace, love, and wonder.

Purposely creating a life that works well for you is truly the work of a lifetime, but those wellness practices only matter to the extent they can “clear the fog” and open up space for you to breathe, grow, live, and love better.

This year, I’ll be sharing and teaching more and more. Both on social media platforms and live in-person in the form of classes, courses, and retreats.

So here’s my stake in the ground: Stress less. Feel better. Live more.

That’s it.

I hope you’ll walk this long, winding, beautiful road of life with me.



Currently Offering In-Person Meditation Instruction and Retreats in St. Petersburg, Florida, and in Costa Rica.

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