The Power of Meditation In These Uncertain Times2 min read

A sign of progress is noticing when your mind is full of turbulence and not trusting the way you see yourself during that time.” -Yung Pueblo

These times of chaos, fear, and uncertainty can certainly do a number of things.

These are the times that amplify what’s already there.

Bringing out the default ways of behavior, like:

-Feelings of anxiety, fear, helplessness

-Binge eating/drinking/consuming things that aren’t good for us


-Pointing fingers, playing the victim

-Judgement (“They’re doing it wrong! Look at those idiots, how dare they?”)


These are what I like to call “survival patterns.” Simply a reactive response when we feel threatened, as many of us have during these crazy times.

But also, the pandemic has also brought into light the best of us:

-Communities coming together


-New ways of connecting


-Appreciation of the things that we take for granted


Because you see, when you un-peel all the layers of past behavior and conditioning, we show up with wisdom and power.

And most importantly, with love.

Every single one of us has this within.

Meditation is more relevant than ever in these times because it is the practice that helps us to have access to the loving awareness that is already within.

When we un-peel those layers, we find our true selves.

Simply put, human beings are wired for connection, growth, and belonging.

The world needs the best version of you.

If you already have a meditation practice, you know what a tremendous resource that has been for you. If you don’t, there’s no better time than to cultivate one now.

Vida Meditation will soon be offering the “Learn to Meditate 3-Day Course” online.

If you are ready learn to meditate (or enhance your existing practice), I’d be honored to teach you.

Simply reply to this email and I’ll send you the details.

Otherwise, we’ll be sharing more with our global community in the coming days…

With love and gratitude,


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