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“I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.” -Maya Angelou

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I was absolutely torn between being there with her in Tennessee and staying put in Massachusetts to run my practice.

I did my best to do both. However, in the end, I wished that I did not feel torn. That I had, without hesitation, prioritized her instead.

I’ve done (and continue to do) a lot of inner work to heal this pain. I have (mostly) accepted that this was—is—the journey she and I—we—were/are meant to be on.

But the thing is this: in every single moment, every second, we can always choose to be in alignment with what is truly valuable to us.

So now I choose:

-To prioritize my husband’s health and healing
-My family
-My values

And making this choice feels really, really good.

My heart feels so full…so many of my patients have sent so much love and well-wishes. I have so much gratitude for all the years I had the privilege of caring for and serving them. And I have so much gratitude for my colleagues who have offered support to continue their care, as I continue to navigate this path.

It feels scary. But it also feels right.

[Image: Me, on the fourth of July. En route to our new home state. I really hesitated to post a “bikini” pic, because even with all the progress I’ve made over the years with my health, my first thought was to pick apart what was still wrong with my body: still a belly, cellulite. Instead, I choose to feel PROUD: of the commitment I’ve made to our health through healthy eating, my spiritual practice, meditation, yoga, and exercise. This pic represents progress not perfection. I am proud of the person I’m becoming. ]

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