Stress and Decision Making1 min read

When you are showing up stressed out, have you noticed that you’re not really showing up as who you really are?

You’re not really making decisions that are for the good of your friends, your family, your work, or yourself. That’s because when we’re stressed out we truly aren’t being our self.

We’re not making decisions from our prefrontal cortex. here are two places really that we make decisions from from our “higher self”, also known as our prefrontal cortex, or from our “lizard brain” – our limbic system. When we are overly stressed, we’re making decisions using our lizard brain.

You’re kind of in that fight or flight situation, and this is where meditation can help.

The reason why meditation is so hot right now is because we live in a really busy, stressful world. Meditation calms things down for you so that you can start making decisions from your true self, from your prefrontal cortex, rather from a state of fight or flight.

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