On rituals and routine1 min read

I’ve been sweeping every morning. Sweeping with a broom, all around our home.

I especially like to do it when the light is hitting the rooms just so…where I can see all the specks of dirt and crumbs on the floor.

It’s a calming, simple thing that I’m so surprised (and delighted!) that I enjoy.

Then I use a handheld vacuum to suction it all up. So gratifying!

It’s been become a part of my morning routine, which typically includes:

-Lemon water


-Coffee and gratitude journaling

-Rolling on a foam roller and lacrosse ball

-When the light is right, sweeping the floors

I’ve also been getting into running again! Just for the pure joy of moving my body.

During these times of uncertainty, I encourage you to continue to include rituals and routine into your lives, as many of us are still limiting the time we spend outside our homes. 

This is a beautiful reminder because oftentimes our self-care practices are the first to go out the door during times like these.

Some questions I invite you to explore:

-What rituals do you currently have that ground you? What new rituals would you like to explore?

-How can you create space for it?

-Who do you need to ask for support?

With love and appreciation,


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