Nature Is Intelligent…2 min read

Nature is intelligent.

Perhaps we are being called to slow down.

To be present.

To be kind to one another.

To act from our innate wisdom rather than from fear.

To open our eyes to what truly matters.

To feel the uncertainty and fear is understandable in times like these…

…we can honor it. Allow it..AND not let it rule us.

So we can act from a powerful place rather than from visceral reactivity.

What an opportunity and training ground to be there for one another.

To remember what’s truly important.

I want to take this opportunity to share an online gathering my friend and colleague is holding on Thursdays for the next couple of weeks:

March 19, 12N EST we kickoff The Haven series.
Connection in the era of social distance, and unprecedented change.

Here is what you’ll be walking away from Session 1:

Register HERE.

Find your CALM, Unleash Your Light

1 – Simple habits to create more calm in a dynamic, or volatile environment.
2 – A process to coach yourself, or a team member through challenging situations
3 – Simple techniques to regain focus and creative thinking
4 – Practices to pay it forward in your community, or client base.

Another great community to consider joining online is Leo Babauta’s Practicing Mindfulness Group. The focus of his work right now is training in fearlessness and working with uncertainty – something we can all stand to benefit from.

Aside from these resources, if there is any way I can support you directly, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and let me know how I can help.



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