Janice and I just touched down in St. Petersburg this past week, and are so excited to call it our new home.  Naturally, we want to start getting plugged into the local community so we’ve been doing a ton of research into what support currently exists in the community for meditation, yoga, spirituality, health & wellness.

I thought it would be fun to start an index here, and to share it publicly in case anyone else might be looking to get plugged in.

So, here it goes. This list is certainly not complete at this point but consider it a work in progress that I look to update and maintain over time as I become more aware of what’s available to share.




  • Metta Center of St. Petersburg (A place for seekers and scholars, artists and creatives, students and teachers, mystics and philosophers, activists and advocates).​
  • Intent Space (A harmonious space for experiences of clarity, creativity, and community).

Health & Wellness