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Want to know one of the main reasons a lot of people don’t meditate regularly?

It’s because they aren’t comfortable!Harvard researchers have found that up to 80% of patients that come in to see their doctors are there because of stress related illnesses.

Meditation is a very effective and natural way to decrease stress.So why don’t more people do it?

The reason why is because I don’t think they enjoy it…and part of why they don’t enjoy it is because they’re not comfortable.

I know that was the case for me. When I first started dabbling in meditation years ago, I would sit in lotus position, or Cross- legged on a cushion.

I have super tight hamstrings, and my legs would go numb!

I couldn’t keep doing it. So if you are meditating and uncomfortable, just sit on a chair, or you can sit on the floor as long as your back is supported and your neck and head are free.

Start meditating in this position.

Check it out:



By the way, just in case no one has told you it yet today: I love and appreciate you for who you are loved.

Questions, Frequently Asked

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Check out the Meditation FAQ’s
A list of frequently asked questions about meditation and the 1 Giant Mind meditation technique.

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