Lighten up on yourself…1 min read

“Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness.” –Deborah Day

I see you, dear one.

You said that thing you didn’t mean to say. Re-tracing every step of that conversation, dissecting and tearing yourself apart, feeling regret and shame.

Or maybe you overacted, overate, over drank.  It felt good at the time, but you’re beating yourself up for not having your stuff together.

It’s tough enough when we do it the first time.

But when we think we are failing on the same things again and again, we sure can be brutal to ourselves.


We do this because we care so very deeply.

And we incorrectly believe that flagellating ourselves will somehow fix the “bad things” we did.

Is that true?

Really, and truly: is it true?

You don’t have to make yourself a martyr to feel better. You’re human and to feel all that we feel is the miracle of being alive right here, right now.

Let yourself be human. Let yourself make mistakes. No one is perfect. Just show up.



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