Life as an experiment1 min read

We are several weeks into the year, and it is likely that many of us have fallen away from some of the commitments we made in the excitement of the New Year.

I know I have. And the tendency is to beat ourselves up.

Especially if it’s something we’ve tried and failed at time and time again.

But what if instead of saying, “Oh,I broke the streak. Might as well say to hell with it!” – you instead, treated it like an experiment.

You looked at what happened with curiosity. Asking yourself: what worked, what didn’t, what could you do differently next time?

And then the most important thing: release the mind drama around it because that’s really the thing getting in your way.


And when you “fail,” do this again and again.

Because failure is feedback, not fatal.

You’ll find that by this time next year, you’ll be looking at a very different life.

With love,


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