Let it Go1 min read

We’re always carrying something, especially in this current time of heightened uncertainty.

Right now, it could be the expectation of how people should or should not be behaving.

Or how our fellow humans may be letting us down.

Or that we are powerless to make any changes in these uncertain times.

While holding views and opinions is not intrinsically bad, each one weighs us down in its own way.

This limits what we can do and how we can be.

Spend a few minutes today reflecting on a particular burden you’re carrying and play with what it might be like to let it go.

Then let it go.

This can be powerful. Because letting go leads to a space of calm.

And it is from calm that we access our wisdom.



P.S. There has been quite a bit of interest in virtual “Learn to Meditate” course sessions from individuals needing extra support right now.  Given the current climate, I am offering these temporarily on a sliding scale until we are able to resume our normal course format.  Reach out should you be interested in scheduling!

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