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Oftentimes, the mind drama of analysis paralysis is centered more on the angst of making the decision.

And the fear of making the wrong decision.

But what if there was no such thing as a wrong decision?

Because here’s the thing:

If you are willing to try and fail and then try again…

Eventually you figure out what works for you.

So allow yourself the freedom to mess up, whatever that means, or simply change your mind.

Go ahead and make a decision.

And, even if you decide you were too bold and you don’t love how it turned out (whatever it was), you can fine-tune, pivot, make another decision.

You tried, you risked, you learned—and hopefully you had fun with it.

Buy the thing you’ve had your eye on and see how it fits.

If it doesn’t work, return it.

Rearrange different aspects of your life….

Twice. Or three times.

Don’t worry about it being perfect the first time.

In fact, never stop rearranging….

…it helps keep you feel alive and evolving.

Make a decision. You never lose: you either are delighted by the outcome or you learn.

And two more things:

(These are REALLY important)…

Make the commitment to your future self that whatever you decide, you have your own back.

Meaning, you will choose not to beat your “past self” up for making a “wrong” decision because of the information you learned in hindsight.

“Failure” is feedback, not fatal.

For any decisions you made in the past you thought were “wrong” ones, have compassion for the person (YOU) who did the best that they could, in the circumstance they were in, with the information that they had.

Forgive and have compassion for yourself….and then let it go.



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