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When “scary” situations come up, you may become frightened. These may cause anxiety.

When this happens, step back.

As the observer. Don’t resist the persistent concerns.

Listen. Fully.

The part of you that becomes scared will never be cut away. Anxiety will pop up, but it’s okay.

Step back and observe.

Often you will find that what was causing the fear is a huge exaggeration of reality.

You are already loved, good enough.

There is always room for growth. You will expand. You will encounter self doubt. And that’s okay.

Both exponential AND incremental growth are worth celebrating.

With Love,



By the way, just in case no one has told you it yet today: I love and appreciate you for who you are loved.

Questions, Frequently Asked

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A list of frequently asked questions about meditation and the 1 Giant Mind meditation technique.

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