In stillness you meet your true and secret self1 min read

The world is noisy and always blinking, bleeping, and vying for our attention.

Stillness is a rare moment to shut out the other voices and hear with another set of ears.

To see with expanded vision of what’s really true.

Quiet contemplation, meditation, mindfulness…or even doing “nothing”…all have great benefit.

When we pause fully, the ripples across the water of our minds can calm down so the universe can converse with us.

It’s subtle.

It’s a whisper.

But everything is “talking” if we slow down to listen…

…awaiting the verse we will sing back to the greatest symphony.

Our part in the mosaic of meaning woven through inspiration of the divine spoken in silence.

Thank you Yanik Silver for these beautiful words.

With love and gratitude,


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