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I’ve always been fascinated by The Paradox of Choice. 

Essentially, it’s the tendency for people to either 1.) Make poorer choices OR 2.) Become much more dissatisfied with their choice OR 3.) Not make a choice at all because:


It’s because nowadays we have access to mounds and mounds of knowledge and information. 

Our smartphones are exponentially more powerful than computers just a short 10 years ago. 

This is amazing and awe inspiring. 


You can pretty much learn anything on the internet, right? 

But the key is in the curation of learning the things that will create the most powerful impact for what you are trying to learn. 

For example, I’ve had tremendous success with the current way that I eat; it helped me to lose 30 pounds and feel so much better in my body. 

And it was because I zeroed in on ONE method. 

I wasn’t a sometimes vegan/Weight Watchers/South Beach/vegetarian/Paleo/Keto person. 

I went ALL IN with just one. 

The one that felt right for my body, with scientific research to back up its effectiveness, that I enjoyed. 

(In the case that you are wondering, it was keto, a conversation for another day and not the point of this message :D) 

It’s the same concept for anything you are trying to learn. 

Including meditation. 

Something important to consider is to find the one meditation style/practice that resonates with you. 

And stick with that.  

I went through the same process with my own meditation practice. 

It took me 13 years of trial and error before I landed on a method that really stuck, which is why I teach this method today.

So if you’ve tried to meditate and didn’t have success, maybe it’s time to learn one proven (and easy to learn) method that focuses on ease and the power of habit.

With love and gratitude,


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