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Don’t trade your authenticity for approval

This past weekend, Phil and I celebrated his birthday at a remote cabin in the Ocala National Forest, by a lake.

The land surrounding the cabin was vibrant with life. 

Rabbits, grasshoppers, spiders, turtles, and fish.

We saw a bear crossing the end of the narrow dirt road as we were driving the last mile en route to the property.

Cranes eating their breakfast of ants, who puffed up the feathers on their chests when they heard Phil enter the screened in porch and accidentally shut the door loudly behind him. 

Butterflies with wings larger than the palm of my hand, with markings that appear like massive eyes. 

In the animal kingdom, deception is often used as an effective tool for survival.

Human beings do it, too. 

We present ourselves in a certain way.

To be liked, included.

People please.

Create appearances to be accepted. 

For approval.

At the expense of our truth.

Deception can be wielded for survival.

However remember:

Truth and honesty  =  evolution. 

Living our truth can feel vulnerable and scary. 

But absolutely worth it when we allow the fear to move through us, without resistance…with loving attention…

…to begin to embody your authentic, true self.

With love and gratitude,


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