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During this call together, we’ll explore the importance of getting C.L.E.A.R:

CLARITY – What sparks joy for you, what makes your heart sing? Feeling joy and peace are a no-brainer when you have clarity on what makes you happy and feel purposeful and fulfilled. Once you have clarity, it’s from here that  you can design a life and your work to align with your truest values.

LOVE – We will explore the 5 W’s: Who do you love spending most of your time with? What activities do you most enjoy/love? What parts of you do you most appreciate?  When do you feel at your best? Why do you love doing what makes you the happiest?

ESSENTIAL – When we focus on The Essential, we are spending our time on what is most important to us. But first we must create space in order to create room for this.

APPRECIATION – We will explore how to weave gratitude in our lives. When we are in the mindset of feeling grateful, we create room in our hearts to love more and to be loved.

RELATIONSHIPS – While it is important to design a life by which we are living our most authentic selves, what is life without the people we love? Here we explore how to find our tribe, create community, and re-kindle/nourish our current most valued relationships

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